Our Vision

We want to make everyone an influencer within his or her circle of acquaintances and give them a forum to succeed. By tapping into the individual's need for social interaction and adding a business component, the growth potential for tweebaa® is unlimited.


Our Mission

tweebaa® believes the strength of the individual has no bounds and that anyone, given the proper tools, can launch a business. Our mission is to provide a turnkey platform empowering the innate entrepreneur to create commerce within their social network.

tweebaa Earning Commerce Platform

tweebaa® is the exciting, unique products-to-market earning opportunity that gives you a free online store and instant access to tens of thousands of innovative products. Tweebaa® also facilitates payments, handles shipping, and provides customer service. You simply market the products, and tweebaa® does the rest! It's that easy and risk-free!


About Our Mascot: Earnie

Earnie is our famous tweebaa® mascot. His mission is to help people all over the world to fulfill their dreams. Earnie guides Tycoons to reach their earning goals faster and easier. He appears in most of tweebaa® videos to show audiences steps they need to follow to earn more. He is also the host of the tweebaa App, where you can play with him and earn big. No matter who you are or how old you are, Earnie is happy to assist you. He treats everyone as a friend and he is always full of fun. Be prepared to start your new life of earning with Earnie.

Our History

The birth of tweebaa®:

Founded in 2002, Leivaire Inc. has assisted a vast number of clients from Europe and North America in manufacturing high-quality products at a low cost. We help inventors design, develop, manufacture, and promote products worldwide through the use of various media. Leivaire’s mandate is to turn ideas into products and sell them globally. Leivaire has developed key proficiencies, relationships, and expertise to fundamentally change the way people shop. Leivaire is now ready to embark on our vision for the future.

As consumers around the world use technology both in “social” and “commerce” forms, Leivaire is committed to building an online community which merges social media and e-commerce. We have a vision to redefine social media and e-commerce into something better, where we are helping the masses to share resources and wealth so that everyone can live richer, safer, and more productive lives.

This vision is now on its way to becoming a reality. It’s called tweebaa®.

Our Team

tweebaa® is headquartered in Canada, and we have offices in the USA, UK and China. Our team is responsible for development, manufacturing, quality assurance, research, website technology and customer service for our products. We pride ourselves on our proven, driven, and trustworthy team.